MODOT continues to push for state sales tax

MODOT releases proposed list of 12,000 improvement projects across the state

MODOT continues to push for your approval of a proposed sales tax hike to meet more than 12,000 structural improvements across the state.

ABC 17 reported earlier this week that MODOT wants to expand I-70 to six lanes to deal with heavy traffic. That's just one of thousands of projects MODOT plans to commit to if the sales tax is approved in August.

For Mid-Missouri, MODOT needs $486 million dollars to complete more than 90 projects across the area. Between Boone and Cole counties, six of those projects include bridge improvements.

One of those bridges is on Route 124 that runs over Grindstone Creek. The foundation of the bridge is crumbling, the iron railings are rusting and the bridge itself is simply outdated.

There are two other bridges in Boone County just like this on Route F. One bridge runs over Coon Creek and the other runs over Perche Creek.

Cole County has three bridges on Route A, Route 54 and Route 179 on the list, as well. All of the bridges either need new decks, need an expansion or need to be completely replaced.

Another major project includes creating directional ramps at the I-70 and 63 connector. An area engineer with MODOT's Central District, Mike Schupp, told ABC 17 exactly how that would work.

"Traffic that would be eastbound on I-70 that want to make a southbound movement would be able to not stop basically," he said. "A directional ramp would merge out of I-70 and merge back into 63 without stopping. That same thing would take place for traffic northbound on 63 that want to want to westbound on I-70."

Cities and counties across the state came together to make the proposed list. However, it is in draft form. MODOT will be accepting any recommendations to this list until July 3 where the final version will be made.

You can find a complete list of those projects by clicking here.

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