Contruction work at Aspen Heights still unpaid by subcontractor

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Two companies, Ruhl and Son Construction and Roach Construction Services, are filing liens worth nearly $22,000 against Aspen Heights and Aurora Company, for work that was completed, but they are still owed the money.  

Both companies tell ABC 17 the subcontractor, Texas-based Aurora Company, only paid a portion of what is owed.

"Our pay was denied, our services discredited, and our morale broken," said Jacob Ruhl, contractor for Ruhl and Son Construction.

His company is based out of Montgomery City. He traveled to Columbia Tuesday to file a wage lien.

Aurora Company is a subcontractor Aspen Heights hired for the Columbia project. Aurora then hired Ruhl's company and Roach Construction of St. Louis.

Both companies tell ABC 17 they feel betrayed from Aurora and Aspen Heights because 30 of their employees never got paid for the work they did on-site.

When asked for comment, Aspen Heights sent ABC 17 News this statement:

"Aspen Heights is currently assessing the facts surrounding a former contractor and subcontractor and will address the matter through the appropriate channels. As of now, we see this as an issue between the contractor and subcontractor. Aspen Heights will provide additional information once it becomes available."

However, Roach Construction is not just blaming Aurora.

"I'd say it'd be a combination of the two because neither have chosen to respond to any of the several attempts to try and resolve this," said CEO Tom Roach.

Jacob Ruhl told ABC 17 News that this is the last chance of reaching out to Aspen Heights and Aurora before they take legal action.

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