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Accused scammer charged again, but claims he is innocent

Jack "Chip" Zike charged with theft in Boone County, but says he is being targeted

Accused scammer charged again, but says he's innocent

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A man authorities say is a serial con man tells only ABC 17 News that he's getting targeted because of his past, despite there being a warrant issued for his arrest.

Boone County prosecutors have charged Jack "Chip" Zike with theft and it's just one of dozens of accusations of theft or stealing against him.

According to documents in the latest theft accusation, Zike now runs Zike Construction. He told ABC 17's Evan Millward over the phone he is getting scammed by a troubled Columbia student housing project. He says he is trying to start anew with a legitimate business, but others disagree.

After tracking Zike down to a Moberly address Monday and leaving a note on his door, Zike called ABC 17 News to try and clear his name after the latest charge in Boone County.

He is accused of using an invalid credit card to purchase $4,500 worth of construction supplies. Zike says the card maxed out because he though Mid-City Lumber would charge him later.

Mid-City Lumber got most of the supplies back by going directly to Zike's job site: Aspen Heights in Columbia. Zike was not there because he says he was wrongfully terminated by the student housing company.

And, just like the out-of-state workers ABC 17 News reported on earlier this year, some of Zike's employees say he has not paid them.

Zike says he has the invoices and receipts to prove Aspen Heights only paid him a fraction of what he is owed and that he has passed along all that he could to his workers.

Zike said he would be willing to sit down with ABC 17 News to show his evidence and clear his name, but he would not say when.

The company behind Aspen Heights says all stranded workers should have been paid.

ABC 17 News first introduced mid-Missouri to Chip Zike in 2009 after his extensive criminal record was exposed. Two Missourians said he took their money for services including wedding photos and duck hunting, then ran.

In the past 15 years, Zike has been convicted on six felonies, mainly for stealing. He has also been convicted on several misdemeanors for stealing.

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