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BBB issues door-to-door magazine scam warning

Better Business Bureau warns of magazine scam

Scammers target mid-Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Better Business Bureau is warning everyone of reoccurring door-to-door magazine scamd from the company Midwest Circulation.

The BBB has received more than 160 complaints about the company. 

For years people have been going door to door trying to convince people to write checks to buy books and magazines. 

In the BBB business rating, Midwest Circulation received an "F" because of complaints from customers and not delivering what they promise. 

Lauren Keller was living in Columbia when she heard a knock on her door a couple of weeks ago. 

Two girls began to ask her odd questions about herself and her job.

"They went on with this for a bit then told me to pick out a book to send to a children's hospital. Then they made it sound like I needed to pick something out for them to send," Kellner said. 

Mike Odneal from the BBB says this is a clue to a scam. 

"If they are pulling on emotions and give you a sob story, take a second look and think about that a little further," Odneal said. 

Keller continued to listen and ended up writing a check for the books. 

After doing research days later she sent in a refund form. 

But the money was withdrawn from her account within the week. 

Lauren called Midwest Circulation. Their response was short on the phone and in email. 

On the company website it said it can take up to 120 days to receive the books and they hire individual contractors. They don't train them or make them stick to a certain selling tactic. 

The BBB said it is important to remember this information especially this time of year. 

"As the weather gets better there is going to be more and more door-to-door salespeople out and about. People meed to remember if you have a person come to the door there is no obligation to come to the door much less let them in," Odneal said.

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