More changes proposed for downtown development

COLUMBIA, Mo. - After weeks of debate about how to precede with development in downtown Columbia, a new proposal could change some of the guidelines for builders.

Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe proposed an ordinance requiring three zoning changes in the central business district.

"These are three things that would affect a certain type of development," Tim Teddy, community development director, said.

The first proposed change is regarding building height.  Right now, there is no maximum height for a building downtown.  But Hoppe's ordinance would require any building more than 10 stories high or 120 feet tall be reviewed and approved by Planning and Zoning and City Council.

The second change is for parking.  The ordinance requires new residences being built to have on-site parking.  It requires one spot for every 1,000 square feet being built. For residences with three to four bedrooms, a half spot for each room is required.

And the third change restricts residences to be built on the street level, or first floor, of buildings on Broadway, 8th Street and 9th Street.  This level is for businesses only.

"In downtown Columbia, we have a nice walking area with shops and restaurants and we want to preserve that," Teddy said.

The proposal is scheduled to go to Columbia's Planning and Zoning Committee on April 24.

After that, it is scheduled to be voted on by city council in May.

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