Mosquitoes on the rise in mid-Missouri, experts say

POSTED: 06:16 PM CDT Aug 21, 2013    UPDATED: 06:49 PM CDT Aug 21, 2013 

Experts said the increasing numbers of mosquitoes in Missouri are because of the transition from an extremely hot and dry 2012 summer to this year's warm, moist temperatures and lots of rain.

Mosquito experts say the eggs that were laid in the drought never hatched until the rain began falling this summer.

"I wouldn't say we've had an overabundance, but there has been a slight increase in the amount of calls," said Jerry Block, general manager of Steve's Pest control.

Research scientists at the University of Missouri say that once the eggs are laid and water recedes, some mosquitoes can withstand not having water. Once the water levels increase, the eggs become settled again and hatch.

"The eggs, just because they are not wet right now, they are there, and once it becomes moist again, absolutely they will start hatching," said Block.

The Health Department is continuing their effort in eliminating mosquitoes around town. They spray trails and highly populated public areas every Friday morning from May through October.