MU alumni pull their donation pledges

After the student protests and association with Planned Parenthood, the alumni is not happy with the University

MU alumni pull their donation pledges

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The University of Missouri has lost $2 million in its donation pledges from certain alumni. 

While there are multiple reasons why alumni are reacting, the main issue was the student protests that were happening this past fall. ABC 17 contacted Concerned Student 1950 but they did not respond. 

The faculty at Mizzou are aware of the alumni's frustrations and are doing their best to acknowledge their wishes. University of Missouri's Vice Chancellor of Advancement, Tom Hiles, said, "We do have some people that want a cooling off period and really want to think about it a little bit, but they're staying with us. So we are really making an effort to over-communicate at this point." 

Hiles is confident that in the future alumni will see all the efforts that the administration is making. 

Mizzou senior Daniel Moser said he is unsure of if he will donate to the University once he becomes an alumnus. "Right now I can't say I'll be really excited to at all and it's just about a lot of things."

Moser believes people are just waiting to love Mizzou again and has faith the University can restore its good name. 

While there is a drop in donations, Hiles said it is small in comparison to all the other donations they receive. He also said the student aid will not be impacted. 

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