The University of Missouri will ask for proposals from private developers who would partner with the university to build and operate a future child care facility on campus.

The announcement follows a report from a task force created to examine the need for child care on campus.

The main supporters of university child care are graduate and professional students and faculty.

 Loftin said university officials intend to issue a “request for proposals” from the private sector, seeking a partner to build and operate a child care facility on university property. 

Loftin has proposed that the university would lease land for a child care facility at nearly no cost to a private developer.

By providing the land, Loftin expects the operator of the facility to offer discounted rates to MU students, faculty and staff.

“I’m very grateful and appreciative of the task force members and all those in the MU community who took the time to talk with us about this issue during the past six weeks,” Loftin said. “A great deal of information was received, and I’m aware of the time and effort that was involved in this work.”

The current Student Parent Center at University Village is scheduled to close on June 30, after a Columbia firefighter was killed in a walkway collapse at the complex in February.