National Transportation Safety Board propose new B.A.C.

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The National Transportation Safety Board recommends each state lower its blood alcohol content limit for driving. 

On Wednesday, local law enforcement in Columbia hope the number of crashes involving alcohol decreases. 

The difference between the current BAC limit and what's being suggested isn't much.

Using MoDOT's application Show My Buzz, the difference between .05 percent and .08 percent is marginal. 

For an average-size woman, drinking three beers over the span of an hour and a half would put her over the current legal driving limit. 

Sgt. Brian Leer with the Boone County Sheriff Department says, "It is kind of scary how those people at the lower BACs will tell you, 'I'm feeling this. I won't drive.' You know they are being totally honest. Then they are at .05, .06, .07, well below .08."

Police hope if this change goes into effect, drivers will think twice before ordering that final drink and trying to drive home. 

One student KMIZ's Sherree Burruss spoke with is apprehensive about the new change. 

"When you look at it from the outside in, you think it's a good idea. You know drinking and driving is never a good idea, but whenever you walk into the bars or downtown especially in Columbia area, people are either going to drink or not drink, or unfortunately, people drink and drive," said Andrew Newnesqander, a University of Missouri-Columbia student.

Local law enforcement hope more people would think twice before ordering a second drink or trying to drive. 

"It's something once you see one DWI crash that involved someone seriously hurt or fatal injury, it really drive home the importance of DWI and impaired driving," Leer said. 

Even if a driver's BAC isn't over the legal limit, Leer said a driver can still get into trouble for driving under the influence.

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