New Bloomfield City Hall meeting left residents unfulfilled

Next City Hall meeting March 8

New Bloomfield City Hall meeting left residents unfulfilled

NEW BLOOMFIELD, Mo. - Thursday evening, many residents in New Bloomfield filled the room ready to ask many questions regarding budget cuts.

One by one, residents voiced their questions, opinions and concerns regarding the city losing one sergeant and leaving them with one officer, Chief Greg Mooney, to protect and serve their community. 

Jason Piper, a Police and Code enforcement member, said something is just not right.

"Why is it, (that) we can give pay raises? Unofficial finalized budget, but we can't finalized core business within the city and it has to be in living document, but yet we can give raises," Piper said.

Another resident shouted at the City Hall meeting with the concern that people are speeding around the area and with only one officer on duty, it's unsafe.

"You got people speeding up and down these roads! 35-55 miles per hour. Nobody gives a d***! Till a kid gets hit," said a New Bloomfield resident.

According to Missouri state Law, the city will have to provide the city's budget for the last three years to the public during reasonable hours, and on Friday ABC 17 News went to obtain those documents, but a sign was posted on the door that they were closed. 

Mayor, Greg Rehagen was asked about the budgetary issues and he said they will be discussed at the next meeting open to the public, which is on March 8.

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