Owners left in tough position after tenants trash JC rental home

Owners left to deal with trashed rental home

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - In a beautiful neighborhood in Cole County sits an eyesore with trash all across the property, but it wasn't like like this until renters moved out.

"It was so bad there was feces on the floor in the bathroom, there was trash and the bad thing, the sad thing is that there were babies, newborns, living in this house," said homeowner Cory McGlasson.

Cory McGlasson and his family own the home at 813 Schumate Chapel Road.

McGlasson said for 4 years the same family rented it and once they got four months behind on rent, they were evicted.

After they moved out, he recalled the first time he set foot inside the home.

"Literally, I put my flashlight on the floor and take one step and it looks like the whole floor just moved. There are so many roaches and these people lived like this, they lived with the bugs, they lived with the roaches, and everything. And babies...there was more than one, there was about 4 of them," said McGlasson.

He said the cleanup will be extensive.

"There's holes in the walls, there are broken windows, there's glass, half the house has been destroyed, the septic system is completely torn up and thank God I don't really have to mess with that. Some of the toilets are missing, there is feces on the ground, they had cats and dogs in there and just the odor and the smell.

Many neighbors have complained about the property, causing Cole County Commissioners to seek action.

"Basically, we're just giving him a little bit more time to take care of that, people have gone in and basically trashed his house, it's an unfortunate situation and it's going to cost him a lot of money to fix it up," said Kris Scheperle, Western District Commissioner.

Besides cleaning the property, McGlasson said it will have to be gutted. 

Something that he said may cost more than $50,000 to renovate.

At the end of the two weeks, if the property has shown some improvement, the commissioners will give the property owners two more weeks to finish getting everything cleaned up.

Commissioners plan on discussing this property again on September 10. 

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