Passions' security cameras help catch past criminals

Other businesses on Business Looop have similar systems in place

Police still looking for Passions robber

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Passions store on Business Loop released images to the public of the suspect that robbed them late Sunday night.

One of the store clerks told ABC 17 the images come from their fleet of 20 cameras inside and outside their store, and it's because of those that two previous robberies in the last six years were solved.

With this type of defense, Passions' store clerk, James Rowark-Gruender, said he's not sure why the store remains as a target.

"I think they assume that this is an easy target," he said. "One, we don't keep a lot of cash on hand. All of the cash gets dropped into safes that the clerks do not have access to, so the cash we have on hand is minimal to begin with."

Six stores along the business loop said they have some sort of security camera system in place. One store uses fake cameras while another uses steel doors and blocks off areas with gates.

Tiger Town Treasures, a thrift store on the Business Loop, said, "There's several people here at all times. No one is here by themselves. There's no large amounts of money whatsoever that's left on the property. When you set yourself up like that, you're almost setting yourself up to be robbed."

When someone walks in with a gun, both stores had the same policy.

"Don't hesitate. Give them what they want," Rowark-Gruender said. "All of that can be replaced. The owners really care about their employees and the customers."

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