Hemp oil could be legalized in Missouri

New treatment for epilepsy could get passed in Missouri

A bill that legalizes hemp oil is currently on Governor Nixon's desk to be signed into law.

The Missouri House of Representatives, as well as the Senate, passed House Bill 2238 overwhelmingly.

The bill sponsor,Representative Caleb Jones said, "They've now created this plant with very high amounts of C-B-D oil and very low amounts of T-H-C.

T-H-C is what gets pot smokers high.

Jones said each plant is tested for T-H-C and if it tests over .3% for T-H-C it is immediately destroyed.

Jones feels hemp oil could potentially help many families who suffer having to see their child have epileptic seizures.

"This is not going to cure all epilepsy, but you know for a lot of parents this is one of their last hopes in trying to stop their children from having seizures everyday", said Jones.

Dr. John Wilson, a pediatrician in Columbia, said, "I have a couple of patients, one in particular, that has an implant to prevent seizures and is on four different medications and they are still not able to be controlled."

Wilson said those patients would be willing to try the hemp oil.

If signed into law, hemp oil would be regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Health Department.

Patients would have to have permission by a neurologist stating they have already tried three different types of treatments that failed.

Today, Iowa passed a similar bill allowing the use of hemp oil to treat epileptic seizures.

Jones said, "I am confident Governor Nixon will sign this bill into law."

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