Missouri House of Representatives computer tried to gain access to concealed carry weapon data

Office of Administration requesting records after user tries to gain unauthorized access to concealed carry weapon information

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri's Office of Administration has filed a Sunshine Law request after someone within the House of Representatives tried to gain access to a restricted server.

In a release late Thursday, the Office of Administration says the state's data center detected "repeated and unauthorized" attempts to access a secure state server.

The secure server had been set up for Special Agent Keith Schilb, an employee of the Social Security Administration. The server had housed confidential concealed carry weapon information.

On Wednesday, Schilb testified in front of a Senate committee that his office requested the list of all concealed carry permit holders in the state in order to find cases of disability fraud.

The Office of Administration says the person or persons attempted to access the confidential CCW data. The IP address of the user belongs to the House of Representatives.

The Office of Administration has issued the Sunshine Law request to the speaker of the House, the House clerk and the House director of information systems for all computer records.

The House clerk apparently denied a request earlier Thursday, saying the House would not help identify the specific computer used and that the House would use "normal procedures" for data preservation.

According to the OA, the Sunshine Law request will ensure all records are kept and not destroyed.

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