Some community members feel they didn't have a voice in Columbia sewer bond vote

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Some Columbia residents say they feel they didn't have a voice in the sewer bond issue, which was put to a vote Tuesday.

Those who pay to use city utilities and services, but live outside city limits, are not allowed to vote on city issues.

Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren told ABC 17 News that's the way it's always been and prospective homeowners should look into this before they buy a property.

Noren said the city has had many complaints about this before, but it's all in the city constitution.

Martin Whitteker contacted ABC 17 News and said he has lived on West Knox Drive for seven years. He said he has never been able to vote on a city issue. It was the same story when he tried to vote on the sewer bond issue Tuesday.

"My question is, well, I pay city utilities, including sewer. Why don't I get to vote on the bond issue?" Whitteker said.

That's because his address on West Knox Drive is considered to be in the county.

Whitteker said he believes if he pays for it, he should have a voice in what's going on.

But Noren said unless that area is annexed into the city, it will continue to be considered county. If enough people wanted the area annexed, it could be considered.

But for now, Martin Whitteker and others in that area are customers of the city, but technically not residents.

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