Prairie Home School hit hard by two storms

Two storms have caused over half a million dollars in damage at Prairie Home

School receives repairs following summer storms

The first storm hit in early June, ripping off the roof of the school.

One month later, another storm tore off the other section of the roof.

Prairie Home is starting school next Wednesday and school officials said the classrooms are not ready for people to be in them.

The Superintendent of the school, Dr. Steve Barnes said, "It looked like the same storm had just happened again.  That roof was all mangled and our building.  I immediately noticed the main power line was down as well."

The power line that was attached to the brick wall not only ripped the brick off, but sent beams into the walls of the music room.

The damage ruined the floors, all of the ceiling tiles had to be replaced and the walls repainted.

1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grade will start their school off in mobile classrooms in the back of the property.

The school rented two, costing sixty thousand dollars total for three months.

The principal, Patrick Trey, said other than the roof the most damage was done to the music room.

He said they were not even finished cleaning up from the first storm when the second one tore into the other half of the school.

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