Inspections at Providence Inn and Suites wrapped up Friday afternoon.

Boone County Health Department inspectors and the fire marshal were at the motel Friday going through every room.

This comes a day after Providence Inn and Suites officially closed.

Since the closing there has been talk of a new owner taking over. However, Friday night the city told ABC 17 News no one has applied for a business license yet.

"In order for a new owner to get a lodging license through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services the owner must submit an application along with an inspection report," said Kayla Wekenborg with the Columbia/Boone County Health Department.

Wekenborg told ABC 17 News their inspection report has to be hand written so it will take some time to complete.

Although the Columbia fire inspection report was finished Friday afternoon.

"There were a number of rooms that had missing or faulty smoke alarms. The fire alarm system needed to be reinspected. There were a couple of minor issues like outlet covers that needed to be put on as well," said Columbia Fire Battalion Chief, Brad Fraizer.

Some fire extinguishers were missing and even a hole in the ceiling of one of the rooms.

"Typically we see a smaller number of violations, this is fairly significant it is of concern," said Fraizer.

It is not clear who will be responsible for fixing these violations. Whether it is the current owner, Keith Owens, or the interested buyer Abid Ali.

Thursday ABC 17 News reported that Ali was interested in taking over the motel.

ABC 17 News looked at reviews for the current hotel in Illinois that Ali owns, and for the most part they were all positive.

ABC 17 News reached out to Ali several times today, but have not heard back.