Road crews clean up after heavy rain

Columbia Public Works crews have been out all day cleaning up and repairing roads after heavy rains inundated areas of town last night.  

Public Works officials said there were multiple roadways and bridges that flooded, closing down the areas to vehicles.  After crews were out all day, officials said most roads should be passable.  Officials said the amount of rain Columbia saw in a short amount of time caused roads that normally do not flood to flood.  "We have our usual suspects of roadways, if you will, such as Black Foot, Creasy Springs, that we know when we get even half of the rain we got last night are likely to flood.  And then we have some that we typically don't see for example, last night, Route WW or East Broadway near Old Hawthorne went underwater for a short period of time," said Steve Sapp, public information specialist for Columbia Public Works.  

City officials said do not ever try to drive through a flooded road.  They said to turn around and find and alternate route.  

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