Roads still dangerous after Friday night's snow

Columbia crews not plowing residential streets

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The threat of refreezing roads had streets crews across mid-Missouri maintain some staff Saturday night.

Columbia Public Works said it would keep an eight person crew working through the night into Sunday morning.

Friday's rain quickly turned to snow overnight, making for dangerous driving condition.

Towing companies have been busy with today's accidents and are still recovering some cars from last night.

Jerry Yeung was driving his friends home from dinner Friday night when his car slid into a ditch.

"It kind of just happened, it felt like slow motion," said Yeung.

Yeung quickly learned what could happen when turning off a cleared main road onto a covered, residential street.

He may not be superstitious, but it seems his fortune from dinner last night was spot on.

"My fortune said that I would soon be the center of attention, and apparently that is coming true," said Yeung.

Austin White found the rural roads he lives on untouched Saturday morning. However, getting to the city he told ABC 17 News was not a problem for him since he took the highway.

I-70 was wet all day, but did not appear  to be slick according to drivers.

However, that is a different story for residential roads. Since Columbia did not get four inches of snow, Columbia Public Works announced Saturday that workers will not plow those roads.

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