Safer playground built in Fulton's Veteran's Park

Old park torn down because of safety concerns

FULTON, Mo. - The City of Fulton tore down a potentially dangerous playground to construct a new on in the city's Veteran's Park.

The city's insurance company found more than 40 areas of concern with the old playground equipment earlier this year and recommended that it be destroyed.

Head entrapment, swinging into a fence, and getting hit by a golf ball from a nearby course were just a few of the safety issues the city's insurance company had with the old playground.

The city says the new equipment has a safer design and is in a safer location.

The dangerous playground was at Veteran's Park for about 20 years. To make matters worse, it was one of the most popular in town.

"The area where the playground equipment is, is one of the most busiest, heavily used areas," said Darin Wernig of the City of Fulton.

The city is investing around $65,000 into this new playground, with equipment deemed safe by experts.

"It's modern equipment. It's new equipment. It meets all the safety standards in the country, and it is something that will be in place for the next 20 or 30 years. We'll get a good use out of it," said Wernig.

The new playground is also in a different location in the park, away from the adjacent golf course.

The city hopes to have the new playground up and running by Monday, Dec. 9.

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