Salt causing cars to rust and paint to chip

Salt can cause cars to rust

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Tiger Express Wash was swamped with cars Friday, and on Thursday the company said it broke a record by washing more than 4,000 cars.

Auto experts credit a sunny day and the salt from the winter roads.

"Salt is really bad for your vehicles. What it does is it causes corrosion underneath your vehicle," Ashley Bartels with Tiger Express Wash said. "We have really, really strong chemicals, that help eat away at that salt to help keep your paint shiny and nice and new looking," Bartels said.

Salt is not always easy to notice but if you are living in Mid-Missouri and your car has been outside, experts said it's there. 

Corrosion is mostly known as rust. Not only does it not look great, it can rot away the car's under components. Experts at All Star Automotive said the best thing to do is immediately get your car washed because once it affects your brake lines, it can brake failure.

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