Missouri senators questioned the person responsible for requesting a list of personal information for more than 160,000 residents.

Social Security Administration agent Kevin Schilb testified under oath in front of a Senate committee Wednesday.

He claimed he requested the list of all concealed carry permit holders in the state in order to find cases of fraud.

Schilb said they were checking all permit holder to see if they were receiving disability benefits.

However, senators do not believe the permit holds and fraud coincide with one another.

"So how were you going to make that determination of who in your words had a true mental disability?" Sen. Kurt Schaefer questioned.

"Through a criminal investigation," replied Schilb.

The state willingly gave the SSA the information on two discs with the full list of permit holders.

"I cannot believe it, the level of irresponsibleness (sic) on behalf of the state of Missouri is unbelievable and I'm still wrapping my head around that," Sen. Schaefer said.

Schilb told the committee the information was never shared and never looked at due to technical difficulties.