Severe storms leave significant damage at Blair Oaks High School

Blair Oaks gym floor is covered in water from Monday night's severe weather.

Blair Oaks receives storm damage Monday night

WARDSVILLE, Mo. - At around 6:00 Tuesday morning, maintenance workers pulled into the Blair Oaks High School parking lot and heard the buzzer of the scoreboard going off in the gym.

"They said they felt like they were getting to a basketball game hearing the buzzer go off like that," said the schools Superintendent, Dr. James Jones.   

The winds ripped parts of the roof off, which allowed water to fill the gym with about two inches of water.

Staff and students worked all day getting boxes of jerseys, computers and anything else that could have been damaged by water out of the gym.

"It really makes you not take things for granted.  Here we have this brand new weight room and now it's damaged and could have been ruined," said  senior football player Caleb Bischoff.

Water cleanup crews got most of the water out today, but said some water has seeped underneath the hardwood floor, which can cause severe damage.

Jones said it will take weeks to repair the damages and if they are not completed in time for the scheduled indoor activities, they will move them to a different location.

Although there is no official number for damage costs, officials said it will cost about $400,000.

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