Sheriff changes inmates' diets to cut back on fights

Prisioners become less aggressive with this new meal plan

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Sheriff Greg White decided to make some dietary changes to the food of the Cole County Jail inmates two years ago in order to get better behavior out of the inmates.

He lowered their sugar intake and completely eliminated caffeine from the menu. White made sure that all of the meals provided adequate nutritional needs of the prisoners.

White says that he began to notice a difference in the behavior of the prisoners after a couple of days. He says the inmates became calmer and less aggressive.

White's experiment was considered a success so his food plan is still used today.

"It makes for a more peaceful environment," said White. "It reduces the fights or arguments."

White also adds that sometimes the prisoners complain that they don't like the food. He reportedly tells them, "If you don't like the food, don't come to jail."

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