A Camden County woman charged with first degree attempted murder for wounding her infant daughter pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect in court Thursday.

40-year-old Bradie Simpson entered an Alford Plea in January for the charge.

In an Alford Plea, the defendant does not admit the act, but admits the prosecution could likely prove the charge.

Prosecutors said Simpson slashed her 9-month-old daughter's throat and wrists in February 2012.

The Associated Press reports Simpson told a pastor months earlier that she feared she would harm the child.

The pastor said Simpson made references to demons.

Judge Kenneth Hayden set the Alford Plea aside in February, stating that based upon a psychiatrist's
testimony, it was not clear that Simpson knew what she was doing when she attempted to kill her daughter.

Judge Hayden ordered Simpson committed to the Missouri Department of Mental Health.