Snow plows struggle in cold temperatures

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Full staffed snow crews have been out on the roads since the snow started falling Saturday.

Their biggest challenge is the cold temperatures causing the salt to not work and keeping the snow off the grounds.

"The salt will not work when its that cold.  Salt will only melt ice and snow down to a certain temperature then it quits,"said Mike Glascock with Boone County Public Works.

However, Tuesday they are experiencing an even bigger obstacle, equipment failure. Two of their trucks are down.

"We've tried to do some things to prevent some of this, but when it takes a dip in the temps like this there just so much you can do," said Glascock.

Not only have road crews been working around the clock, but so have the equipment companies trying to fix the trucks.

"It just makes it a little slower because we have to take a truck and send it to that territory. Its gotta get A territory done first and then we gotta send it to another territory," said Glascock.

Boone County Public Works is not the only one struggling.

"Other entities are having some of the same problems like other counties. Our equipment dealers they say they've been out to other places too," said Glascock.

Columbia Public Works has two of its trucks down Tuesday as well.

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