Special committee investigating governor will keep its progress mostly private

Special committee investigating governor vows to keep proceedings private

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - UPDATE, 8:15 pm: The special committee tasked with investigating Gov. Eric Greitens plans to keep many of its proceedings private over the next few months.

"This is something we take seriously and as a committee that wants to go through a fact-finding process, having that completely open would destroy the very purpose of the committee," said committee chair Rep. Jay Barnes.

He said they have a responsibility to protect any witnesses they may have testify, either willingly or by subpoena. 

The committee will release a report at the conclusion of the committee's work in the next forty days.

"Before that, you will not get any comments from us," said Barnes, addressing the dozens of journalists in the room. "You are wasting your time trying and it wouldn't be fair to anyone in this process."

The seven members also voted unanimously to close Wednesday's meeting at the Jefferson City Police Department.

UPDATE 1:15 pm: A second meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at the Jefferson City Police Department.

ORIGINAL STORY: The special committee investigating Gov. Eric Greitens will meet for the first time Tuesday night. 

The committee will be looking into the governor's grand jury charge of invasion of privacy. 

The committee is made up of seven representatives. There are five Republicans and two Democrats. 

The committee chair is expected to create some type of timeline the committee will want to follow on Tuesday night. The chair, Rep. Jay Barnes, will be the one to decide when and where the group will meet. 

The committee is also expected to discuss what outside help it will want to hire, such as investigators or special counsel. They will also talk about what witnesses or documents they will need to subpoena to complete the investigation. 

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. in House Hearing Room 5.

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