Spring break may not be the time for social media

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Spring break is just around the corner for thousands of University of Missouri students.

This means that several apartments, homes, and buildings will soon be empty.

Law enforcement told ABC 17 News that is exactly what criminals are looking for.

Thursday, Columbia police remind students of some things to do before they leave: lock up and take their valuables with them, leave lights on, and arrange mail pick up.

However, something they are warning people not to do is use social media while they are on vacation.

Things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to stay connected with family and friends, but police say they also alert criminal when you are gone.

"We understand that you want to go on vacation and it's really exciting. But don't post that you are leaving and how long you're going to be gone for," said Latisha Stroer, with the Columbia Police Department.

It is not just warning to college students.

Boone County Deputies told ABC 17 News they have seen cases where social media is linked to break in's in the county.

"We've seen incidences where people have been burglarized and we've linked it to the possibility that it was perpetrated by someone through social media." said Boone County Detective, Tom O'Sullivan.

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