St. Mary's to go paper-free

Launching electronic health record system Saturday at midnight

POSTED: 07:23 AM CST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 02:15 PM CDT Sep 24, 2013 
St. Mary's

St. Mary's Health Center is launching its electronic medical health program on Sept. 28 at midnight.

The hospital will be going completely paper-free with its health records.

St. Mary's owner, SSM Health Care, has over $330 million invested in this program. St. Mary's will be the 17th SSM hospital to use the electronic medical health system.

"From the bedside, all the way through billing, we'll be able to evaluate our patients and utilize the resources within an electronic health record for better patient safety, better patient care and better coordination overall," said hospital vice-president Tracy O'Rourke.

All hospitals must go to an electronic health system by Jan. 2015 or face federal penalties.