State officials audit Maries County

MARIES CO., Mo. - An audit of Maries County was released by state auditor Tom Scweich, and determined it has performed to a fair standard.

The sheriff's department collects $100 to process applications for new concealed carry weapon permits. $38 of that goes to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for a federal background check, but the sheriff's office does not distribute the other $62 to the county treasurer as required by law.

In September 2010, the sheriff's office received $20,000 from the Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program related to a federal asset seizure and deposited the funds into the commissary account. However, state law requires the sheriff to put these funds into the county treasury.

According to the audit, the sheriff's office used at least $16,300 to buy equipment without the approval of the county commission.

Multiple elected officials were underpaid a total of approximately $13,500 during 2012, and it appears these officials have likely been underpaid since at least 2009.

State law provides the minimum amount to be paid to each elected official, but county officials have been paid salaries that were set as a percentage of the base salary amounts authorities by state statute.

You can view the entire audit here.

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