Storms blast through Mid-Missouri

Despite hail, blinding rain, and flash floods there is little damage

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Despite all the hail, blinding rain, and flash floods early Wednesday evening, there were few reports of damage in Mid-Missouri.

People in Columbia told ABC 17 News that they were worried their cars took the brunt of the storm with all that hail.

"The absolute worst storm I have seen spring, summer any time that I have actually witnessed, whether it's the clouds or actual precipitation itself... Its probably the most severe I have ever been through," said Jared Willmeno who lives in Columbia.

Boone County emergency officials said me there is not much storm damage. Most of the major hail happened near the University of Missouri campus, plus there were some flash floods.

Columbia firefighters did get reports of lightning strikes around the county, and may have even hit a transformer.

In Cooper County there is also very little to no damage. They got a lot of hail, and were dealing with flooding in low-lying areas Wednesday night.

Ameren said and there were not any power outages in Mid-Missouri as of Wednesday night.

While the aftermath of the storms was not bad, officials said they wished people listened to the sirens and urged them to do so as storms continue.

"Continue to take it seriously because we don't just turn on sirens for no reason. There's obviously a severe chance of tornado, so people really need to seek shelter immediately and after they seek shelter go and check with friends and family," said Martina Pounds with Boone County Emergency Management.

You can check MoDOT's website to see what roads are open and which are covered in water.

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