ST. LOUIS, Mo. -

After two weeks of protests, rallies, and occasional clashes with police, a community celebrated the life of the 18-year-old at the center of it all. 

On Monday, the family of Michael Brown Jr., killed August 9, held a funeral ceremony in St. Louis. 

People from across the country filled the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church. 

Outside the church, half a dozen languages could be heard, members of Congress from Texas and California, and people from St. Louis came to pay their respects.

Some of those ABC 17 spoke to never met Michael Brown or his family, but in some way identified with what happened August 9th, either they are close to the same age as Brown was, or have a son or nephew close to that age.

One woman grew up with Mike Brown's father, and has lived in Ferguson for the last 7 years. She said the funeral was an opportunity to mourn the Brown family's life, and figure out what happens to Ferguson from here, as a community.

"People be 'build back up all the stores and stuff, and everything get back together, and we can be a community again.' A peaceful community. Like, I never had a problem with Ferguson since I came out here. It's just this incident happened and pretty much took over," said Shavonda Linear.

Kathy Brown, a program director at a local St. Louis radio station gave people ribbons outside the church, representing peace, communication, and resolution; three points she hopes Ferguson and all of St. Louis can remember moving forward.

"We are not going to get anywhere without having some kind of dialogue or communication amongst people. So whether you are African-American, whether you are Asian-American, or just an American, we hope that these three symbols bring some resolution for all of us." 

Many businesses along West Florissant Avenue have open signs posted on the wood boards replacing their windows. While there are much less police at the command center in Ferguson, yellow tape still blocks off much of the parking lot.