So can anything be done before someone else is hurt or killed?

“The only way you are going to hit the entire Lake of the Ozarks is if something happens at the county or state level that would require that,” Bachman said.

While nothing has happened yet, many are wondering if something should.

“Brian and I will be moving forward with ensuring that safety procedures are in place so people recognize the dangers,” said Angela Anderson.

As things stand now, the question remains: Are we going into this summer safer than last year?

“I think absolutely we are,” said Bachman. “Every day we are out doing dock inspections, that's one less dock we feel is a hazard on the lake.”

“It will be a lot safer this summer because a lot more people are aware,” added Nicholson.

While dock safety is slowly improving, the Andersons hope a tragedy as terrible as theirs will never happen to anyone else.

“It didn't have to happen,” said Angela. “That waters are safe around docks in the state of Missouri in honor of Alexandra and Brayden.”

Fire departments told ABC 17 News that docks should be inspected annually. At this point, no laws or regulations have changed when it comes to dock safety.

Ameren will be sending a letter to all dock owners at the end of May explaining safety precautions. They also have detailed instructions on their website of how to keep a dock safe and up to current code.

There is a fire inspection checklist, so dock owners can be sure their docks pass inspection.

Ameren will be holding a seminar for electricians at Tan-Tar-A Resort. For more information, contact the company.