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Woman charged with kidnapping "on the run"

Accused kidnapper "on the run"

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A warrant for arrest of Mackenzie Quiovers has been issued after court documents say she did not return to the Boone County Jail after receiving medical treatment. 

Quiovers was in a crash in early March involving Demtres Washington and three of Washington's children.

Quiovers and Washington have both been charged with three counts of kidnapping. Both were given $300,000 ROR (Released on own Recognizance) bonds with an allowance to go to a hospital for medical treatment on the condition they would immediately return to the jail. 

On March 17, Quiovers was allowed to go to a hospital for treatment, according to court documents. The documents say she was discharged around 8 a.m. the following day but never returned to the jail. 

A warrant for Quiovers was issued Tuesday, stating she is in violation of her ROR bond. 

Bill Tackett is a former prosecutor from mid-Missouri. Tackett told ABC 17 News that for an inmate to receive an ROR bond, the judge must feel the person was not a flight risk and not a danger to the community. 

Clues for being a flight risk include family in the area and ties to the community. Quiovers has an address listed in Leavenworth, Kansas. However Tackett also said a history of aliases may be a clue for someone who could be a flight risk. After the crash, Quiovers gave investigators two names that were aliases. 

When asked about hospital protocol dealing with inmates who need to return to the jail, University Hospital said "When we release protected health information to law enforcement (it) always complies with HIPAA guidelines." 

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