Towing companies busy Tuesday

COLUMBIA, Mo. - While road officials urge everyone to stay off the street Tuesday, tow truck companies are making sure all of their trucks are on the roads.

ABC 17 News rode along with Tiger Towing owner, David DeBates today.

"The roads are not too awfully slick. I guess they are in some areas, but snow covered is much better than the ice we had a couple of days ago," said DeBates.

The snow Tuesday caused build up on the roads and dangerous visibility. Riding along today ABC 17 News crews saw the aftermath of several accidents.

"It sounds like I-70 was pretty slick. There were a couple of accidents, it sounds like because there is not as much snow packed together so it might be slicker would be my guess," said DeBates.

Tiger towing employees told ABC 17 News that they saw nearly nine cars in the ditch on I-70 from 63 to Providence at around ten this morning.

The best advice from everyone is to stay inside tonight, but if you must hit the roads here is advice from the people who may be the ones to rescue you.

"Just be real cautious. Keep your eyes peeled for anything. You want to watch the way you are driving and be aware of your situation," said DeBates.

As of around 4 this afternoon, Tiger Towing had gone on more than 20 calls.

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