True/False film fest is back, an expected 20,000 turn-out

Security beefed up for potential threat

True False Film Fest

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Documentary film-haven this weekend in Columbia - the True/False Film Fest is back. 

It will start tonight, Thursday, March 1st at 4:30 pm and go through Sunday, March 4th.

The festival is expected to bring out 20,000 people in the local downtown area.

ABC 17 asked officials, security, and locals if they are worried about security and the safety of the event.

A food truck told us they have been working the event for 4-years and they are not concerned about safety. "We're ready to go, set, and ready to go. Safety's not really ever been an issue," said General Manager Patrick Jernigan.

The festival has sold over 50,000 tickets and they expect 20,000 people from Mid-Missouri and all over the world. It will show 40 different films in eight different theaters.

ABC 17 asked the Director of Special Operations, Josh Oxenhandler if they are ready if a disaster strikes. "Well, all you can do, is do the best you can to be prepared and train your staff well and make sure people are ready to respond to whatever might come up," he said.

Security of the event is teaming up with MU-PD and Columbia Police Department. All staff has had pre-festival training on emergency situations and active shooter training. They will have security at all venues and checking purses and people in entrances. There will be off-duty, plain-clothed police officers on site as well. 

Safety is a major concern for the festival operators. "It's something we take very seriously, luckily, we haven't had any kind of problem. Documentary film lovers tend to be pretty mellow audiences," said Co-Founder David Wilson.

Security did tell ABC 17 that they are doing things to keep people safe that they cannot tell the public, due to security reasons.

True/False Fest more information and tickets can be found at the link.



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