University of Missouri professor gives his thoughts on the Malaysia airline plane crash

Mid-Missouri expert breaks down Malaysian plane crash

COLUMBIA, Mo. - "This is major. This makes everyone sit up and say what are we gonna do about this? And they've got to do something," said Professor Paul Wallace.

Professor Wallace told ABC17 News on Friday that the security council needs to request an international investigation.

Friday morning President Obama addressed the nation saying an international investigation would be crucial.   

However, Wallace said since the plane wreckage is in eastern Ukraine those crucial black boxes are in the hands of Pro-Russian rebels.

"To the extent that time elapses and the secessionists are able to delete some of that material you have less to investigate," said Wallace.

Some ask if the Russian President would also want that scrutiny?

 "I think he would want an investigation after a couple of days so he can squirrel away some of it if there is incriminating information," said Wallace.

Thursday a video of Pro-Russian rebel commanders surfaced on the internet by the Ukraine government.

However, what can we think of these videos if nothing is confirmed?

Professor Wallace told ABC 17 News he believes it's true because of how fast it surfaced.

Plus shooting down a civilian plane would not benefit either said he said.

"I think you're going to be seeing the rhetoric before the sanction will be applied. But they will be applied. This is a major incident now- and there will be repercussions.

Wallace said Europe should implement the sanctions.

"Europe should be leading this because they are the most affected by this," said Wallace.

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