Years later, Boone Co. bridge still waiting for repairs

COLUMBIA, Mo. -  A bridge more than 80-years-old east of Columbia still needs repairs Tuseday, after we first identified the issues almost three years ago.

The bridge is on Rustic Road near the Southeast city limits, and it's the only way to cross the north fork of the Grindstone Creek.

When ABC 17 first learned about this bridge three years ago, we could not get a clear answer about who was responsible for it.

Tuesday we know that it is both the city and the county's responsibility.

Stuart Spradling has lived on this road for years now and was looking forward to the construction on the project being done in October of last year.

That never happened, but he is hopeful now that the county and city have determined they will replace the bridge.

Spradling has been waiting on those repairs since a 2011 inspection report found the

bridge to be structurally deficient.

"It makes me wonder if its going to be there next time I need it, and it makes me wonder if it will support the weight of first responders," said Spradling.

The weight limit on the bridge was reduced five years ago from 40 ton to now 15.

The Boone County fire department told ABC 17 News that they can make it over the bridge.

A plan is in place by the city and county to replace the bridge but ABC 17 News was not given a clear answer today as to when that will happen.

The bid opening for this bridge project is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2014 according to the county.

The bridge that will replace the old one is considered to be innovative. Because of that Boone County and the city were able to get a grant from the Federal Highway Administration to replace the old one.

The grant is for $236,000 and the city and county will pay what else is needed.


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