Phoenix, AZ (KTVK) -

Huge Beatles fans, Andrea Copado and her fiance, Adam Kowal, wanted to get singer Paul McCartney's attention at his concert at U.S. Airways Center Tuesday night, so they made a sign.

"Honestly, we were kind of just joking around a little bit. We're like, 'That'd be so cool if he at least acknowledged the sign,' " Copado said, her voice still hoarse from all of the excitement.

Copado's sign asked the ordained music icon to marry her and her husband-to-be.

"Ever since I met her, her dream was to meet Paul McCartney, and we were able to get super close seats," Kowal said.

They sat in the sixth row, and after a full concert and two encores, McCartney pulled the couple on the stage and granted their wish with an impromptu wedding. He walked the bride and groom through the "I do's."

"It was amazing, just being so close to an icon like that and being up there with her," Kowal said. "It was amazing."

"Oh my gosh, he's perfect. I love him. He was so warm and gave me three hugs and three kisses, so I'm content," Copado said of her brush with fame.

As they say, all you need is love. And Copado and Kowal had a night they will tell their kids about someday.

"It's just an experience that neither one of us will ever forget," Copado said. "Regardless of whether it was real or not, who else can really say they got married by Paul McCartney? We can."