From plie to powerlifter

64-year old Columbia woman has found health and happiness in the weight room

POSTED: 12:02 AM CDT Apr 15, 2013 
Kate Walker

Kate Walker, 64, of Columbia knows what it's like when life throws a curve ball.

Walker grew up wanting to be a dancer, and that's exactly what she became.

Mastering both ballet and modern dance, her goal was to live her life with dance right in the center.  Unfortunately, when Walker turned 40 her doctors discovered she had osteoarthritis. For Walker, her dancing days were done.

The doctors, however, suggested Walker start lifting weights. While at the gym she met a few Olympic lifters and thought to herself, "I can do that too."

And she did.

Walker won gold in her very first meet, and never looked back.

She has been a World Champion several times, and holds 5 World Records. In fact she's going for new records this fall when she competes in the World Championships again in Scotland. She wants to raise both her dead lift and squats rates, to once again be on top.