5) Although he was arguably the best of these players in college, Augustin has easily had the most lackluster NBA career.

In fairness, anyone who has had the misfortune of being drafted by Michael Jordan (Charlotte) is usually doomed from jump street.  After spending his first four season in NBA purgatory, Augustin now finds himself as a marginal bench player on a much better franchise, the Indiana Pacers.

2012-134.8 ppg35.4% FG36.2% 3-pt FG84.4% FT2.2 apg
Career9.6 ppg40.1% FG37.2% 3-pt FG87.2% FT4.0 apg

6) The most obvious difference between these players and Pressey, though, is that they are score-first point guards.  Pressey is looking to pass unless in his one of his dribble-up-three-with-28-on-the-shot-clock moods.

Can Pressey be an effective NBA player with just his elite passing ability?


Like Colorado State head coach Larry Eustachy did in the NCAA Tournament, any and all NBA coaches will just sag off a player like Pressey and let him build his brick house. 

7) That being said, the NBA is a faster brand of basketball with superior athletes running the floor.  Pressey's style certainly fits right in with running the NBA fast break.

Not only that, instead of having a Ryan Rosburg try to catch a behind-the-back pass underneath the rim and lay it in, Pressey would have guys with 37-inch verticals at the worst to finish his passes at the next level.

Pressey is also a little closer to the former Huskies in athleticism than he is Augustin.

We didn't see it often at Mizzou, but Pressey has a comparable vertical leap to Robinson, the two-time NBA Slam Dunk champion.  Athleticism is what allows Robinson and Thomas to slither and contort in the lane and convert shots among much taller and longer players.

They also, obviously, shoot the ball more efficiently from the perimeter.

8) Here's the bottom line.  Pressey will have to break the mold in a big way to have a successful NBA career.  Either that or finally develop a new shot mechanic that allows him to get it off quicker and more accurately.

There are no sub-6-foot NBA point guards that shoot less than 40 percent from the field on an NBA roster.  None. 

I do see, however, one intriguing spot for him to land in the NBA and perhaps develop into a viable option on the roster:


The Nuggets play the fastest brand of basketball in the NBA, bar none, and they don't like to run half-court offense.  I would hazard a guess that Denver shoots the fewest mid-range jumpers of any team in the NBA.  Dunk the ball or shoot a three.

They have the most athletic roster in the league, a dream for an up-tempo passer like Pressey.  He would set up a lot of dunks using his primary asset: pushing and passing the ball.

Their current backup point guard is a 37-year old, yet still effective, Andre MillerGeorge Karl is going to need a younger backup to Ty Lawson (another player that is barely six feet tall) sooner rather than later.

Former Missouri Tiger basketball player, Josh Kroenke, the son of Rams owner Stan Kroenke, is the president of the Nuggets.  Can't hurt.

As it stands right now, the Nuggets pick 27th in the first round and 57th overall in the second round.  Value sounds right with that second round pick.

This is the type of roster and scheme that could help mask some of Pressey's biggest deficiencies until he's able to improve them to the level needed for a long and effective NBA career.

9) I do think Phil Pressey will be selected in the 2013 NBA Draft?  I have to believe that because I have a wager with one of my fraternity brothers on the matter.

Pressey, though, won't hear his name called -- if at all -- until the second round, most likely in the latter half of that round ... after his teammate Alex Oriakhi has been selected.