There were eight state champions from mid-Missouri and the team title from Blair Oaks.

The journey does not end for Jaydin Clayton, one of those state champions, from Father Tolton.

"It feels great, knowing that I have one year left and getting the first three out of the way - it's a great feeling," Clayton said.

Jaydin Clayton is the 2014 class one, 138 weight state wrestling champion and now chasing a bigger dream; winning state all 4 years.

"It's an amazing moment. I like the pressure, I feel like I shine under pressure and I like getting the crowd going and hearing the cheers. so it's a great feeling," said Clayton.

A familiar feeling and something he shares with his coach.

"t's just amazing. just like I said earlier he wrestlers like it's his last match that he'll ever wrestle," Tony Eirman, Clayton's wrestling coach, said.

But Clayton has one more year to achieve what only one other Columbia wrestler has achieved.

During his freshman year, Clayton found his way to keep winning his matches.

"After the first season I got a good feel for it so I'm like I can keep continuing to do this if I wrestle my match and not get over confident and just keep wrestling and the stars will be in line for me," said Clayton.

Clayton hopes that will lead him to his fourth title, but today he is going to relish in the moment of his third state title.

"They're all great, they just keep happening and so, I can't really rank they are all very proud moments for me and my family."

"He just can't get enough wrestling. Tf he's not in school or not doing certain things he's on the mat whether he is just playing around or joking around and having fun. He's wrestling, can't get enough of it," said Eirman.

Clayton is chasing J'den Cox, the only other Columbia wrestler to win 4 state titles.