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Eric Anderson shares pregame rituals

Eric Anderson feature

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Before pitching each game, fifth year Mizzou senior Eric Anderson does the same thing.

"I put a cross on the back of the mound when I'm pitching and i go back to it a lot during the game. if you watch for it, i go back there kind of tapping it and saying a little prayer but that just kind of keeps me natural out there."

It's a habit that started when he was in high school and hasn't stopped since.

"I think it was the semi finals my senior year. that was probably the most nervous I've ever been for a game so I kind of went back there and was like 'please be with me today because I'm nervous,' and from then on it's kind of been my thing."

A thing that has helped keep himself calm and be able to be a leader on his team being the most senior player on the mizzou roster, Anderson takes it upon himself to encourage the team in any position he's playing in.

"He's been, it's not a real surprise, but he's been a real boost for us this year. he's always been good for us from a teach chemistry stand point but getting him on the field really has been big for us," said coach Tim Jameison.

Anderson's pre-game preparation doesn't stop with his artwork in the mound, he uses his emotions to get himself ready for a game.

"Honestly, the way I play and compete I try to get myself a little upset haha I play better when I'm a little fired up and stuff. I'm a high energy guy."

Anderson knows what it's like to be benched after a shoulder and elbow injury to be back on the diamond, EA takes in each moment he can as the team heads into conference season.

"The more you can just have fun with it and embrace it the better you'll play the better you will feel, the more relaxed you'll be, and just absorb every moment it's a good opportunity we have to play college baseball."

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