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University of Missouri rugby team helping to make an international impact

Missouri rugby team helping make an international impact

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Rugby is a club sport at mizzou.

Like other mizzou athletes, the players put on a black and gold jersey and in the next summer Olympics, rugby players will have a have a chance to win a gold medal.

Rugby's a sport not as well known in America.

The university of Missouri rugby team is pushing themselves on the pitch to help make an international impact.

Rugby is returning to the Olympics in 2016.

And it's teams like the tiger's drawing more fans to the sport that's helped create a buzz that will soon be heard world wide.

"Overall it's just getting the sport out there and name out there more, and popularity wise it's up and coming," said Conor Strauss, Mizzou rugby player.

"Especially in the us, it's not that big just because the us isn't too familiar with rugby. I feel that once the us sees that fast pace game and everything they'll really pick up on it and and enjoy it like they do with football." Luke Rosner, Mizzou rugby players said.

The black and gold have been playing rugby since 1970.

Strauss tells me the popularity of the sport is finally catching on in America.

And that's why, almost 90 years since it's last Olympic games, rugby will be getting recognized on the world's stage once again.

"Rugby overall is just, its great it's getting bigger in America and it's the number one growing sport in America that and lacrosse, i mean if it's progress keeps going that will be great to see for future years coming," said Rosner.

The team plays their biggest game of the season against Arkansas tomorrow at 1p.m. at Epple field.

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