LOOKING BACK: Busch's hopes of a top-10 finish ended on lap 264 when he was forced to make an unscheduled pit stop for a "bad vibration." By the time he returned to the race, he was 23rd and two laps down. Busch ended the day in 18th place. "It's unfortunate we had a loose wheel," said Busch. "The Haas Automation Chevrolet was pretty good today, and I thought we could have been in position to run up front until we had to make the extra stop. It's frustrating, but we are working to get better each week. It's just hard when you run pretty well all day and don't get the finish we deserve."

ETC.: Busch calls his 2007 win at Pocono his best ever. "That was the fastest car that I've ever driven," said Busch. "That car would turn, stick, drive down the straightaway - that car did everything. It didn't have a single flaw. I knew how good that car was on the first lap of the race. I remember telling myself 'don't screw this up!' I ran the rest of the race more nervous than I had in years past. I've never dominated a race like that. We led 175 of the 200 laps. That was by far the best car I have ever driven."