Mark Teixeira thought being limited to 15 games last season due to two wrist injuries would lead him to find the 'fountain of youth."

Instead, the veteran first baseman has encountered the fountain of nagging injuries.

The latest is a grade-one lat strain in his back and the Yankees believe it will keep him sidelined for three to four days.

"I think if we were concerned, really concerned, we'd put him on the DL right away," manager Joe Girardi said. "We're hoping that after three or four days he feels OK and we'll get him back in there."

Monday marked the 22nd game that Teixeira has missed. In his first three seasons with the Yankees (2009-2011), Teixeira missed a combined 16 games.

This year he was on the DL for two weeks with a hamstring injury. Additionally he has missed time with back, knee and groin ailments.

"I thought the year off last year would kind of give me a fountain of youth," Teixeira said. "And it's just made me rusty. I've used that word a few times this year; that's the way it feels. It's been something. Every game, it's something. I was dealing with the hamstring early, the knee, back -- it's really frustrating -- not to mention the wrist, which is obviously something I've been dealing with. That's life. You have to grind through things. I've been grinding pretty well all season. I'm still happy with the way I've played when I'm healthy. I just need to get healthy again."

Teixeira said the injury cropped up sometime last month when the Yankees were in Oakland. He was able to get through it by playing but during the four days off with the All-Star break, that was when it worsened leading to a PRP injection Monday night by team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad.

"That's kind of what happens when you shut down for a little while," Teixeira said. "The blood's not flowing, you don't have that adrenaline pumping through your body and it becomes worse. I think that's what we saw this weekend. ... When the pain ratcheted up, it was one spot. I could tell Doc, 'Listen Doc, this spot's killing me. Let's take a look at it.' That's when we found the strain."

Teixeira is hitting .231 while leading the Yankees with 17 home runs and 48 RBIs. Since the Yankees left Oakland on June 15, he is batting .213 (23-for-108) with six home runs and 16 RBIs.