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TODAY:  Another muggy day is expected with the high temperature in the mid 80s. Showers are expected to pop up again in the late afternoon and early evening, but without any widespread means of triggering storms these will be scattered and difficult to pin down exactly where they will form. Most areas will see continued dry conditions for the remainder of the day with partly sunny skies. The low tonight will reach near 70 degrees accompanied by light S winds up to 5 mph.

MONDAY:  Less sunshine will be expected for Monday with mostly cloudy conditions and a high near 87 degrees.  Monday's weather will remain unsettled as well with the chance of rain throughout the day.  The low for Monday will be in the lower 70s with winds out of the NW at around 5 mph.

EXTENDED:   We continue to have unsettled conditions for the rest of the week with the warm and moist air mass we see this weekend sticking around with temperature highs in the mid 80s and storm chances in the late afternoon in evening. Expect areas of sun and clouds, with the areas seeing more sunshine having a better chance for rain.   For additional weather updates follow @ABC17Stormtrack on Twitter.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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