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TODAY: We'll have mostly cloudy conditions today as a warm front lifts, bringing a few thunderstorms early in the day. Storms are expected along HWY 65 by 6AM, and in central Mid Missouri by 8AM. Temperatures will stay in the low 70s this afternoon with a light southeast wind.

TONIGHT: There is an additional rain chance in our southeastern counties, mainly east of HWY 54. Showers are expected to continue to push south of I-44 between 7 and 9pm.  Overnight temperatures will be a few degrees warmer due to clouds and south winds.

EXTENDED:  Thursday looks mostly sunny with highs in the mid 70s, warming to near 80 Friday under mostly sunny skies. The weather will be pleasant for Friday evening football games.  Our storm chances increase later in the day on Saturday through early Sunday. A cold front will move in, and temperatures will retreat back into the 70s by Sunday with drier air moving in. For additional weather updates follow @ABC17Stormtrack.

2 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.

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