First fall freeze nowhere in sight for Mid-Missouri

Like a pesky mosquito that you just can't get rid of on those summer nights, the heat in Mid-Missouri continues to come and go. The last time Mid-Missouri saw temperatures in the 30s was April 23, and for temperatures at or below freezing you have to travel back to March 16. We've gone quite some time without cold temperatures here in Mid-Missouri and despite the average first freeze being upon us by this point, the cold air is showing no signs of building into Mid-Missouri.

Depending on where you live, the average first freeze is anywhere from October 15 to October 20. It should be a sign that winter is right around the corner, but here in Mid-Missouri, we haven't even transitioned into fall. Of course, we have seen those cooler days, but the overall trend has been for those temperatures to warm at least 10 to 15 degrees above average.

It's been so warm here in Mid-Missouri that the fall foliage has either been delayed or very dull across the Midwest. Many trees are still vibrant green and temperatures continue to hover around late August and early September standards. 

The cold air that typically begins to filter into the country during fall has been locked in well to our north. We have seen the occasional cool down and will see another one starting Tuesday, but the cold air is short-lived. With the bulk of the jet stream to our north, that's keeping the coldest air locked in place across Canada, Russia and parts of the Arctic.

While we are closing in our average first freeze, don't get excited. The trends are showing that we'll continue to see this warmer pattern through the rest of October, with overnight lows likely not even falling into the 30s.

It's summer's revenge here in Mid-Missouri and it's here to stay.

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