Andrews Air Force Base

Homeland Sec.: 'Unfolding situation' at Andrews Air Force Base

Homeland secretary Jeh Johnson has confirmed that a "situation is unfolding" at U.S. Joint Base Andrews in Maryland following reports of an active shooter at the base, The Associated Press reports.


Flooding Possible This Weekend

Flooding Possible by the Weekend

Conditions are looking favorable for a heavy rain event for the long holiday weekend. Read about what time and where the heaviest rain looks to occur.

Marginal Severe Threat Thursday

Marginal Severe Threat Thursday

There is a Marginal (low) risk for severe weather on Thursday. Read about the threats, areas, and timing in Mid-Missouri.

Rainy Sunday evening to Sunny Monday

Rain continuing into evening with clearing conditions overnight.

Chance of Sunday storms

Rain is expected to arrive Sunday morning and clear out by Sunday afternoon.

Severe Storms Possible Saturday Night

Severe Threat This Weekend

Conditions are looking favorable for severe storms on late Saturday night. Read about the timing and threats with storms.

Thursday Evening Marginal Risk

Thursday Evening Marginal Risk

There's an updated on possible strong storms this evening. Read about the area and what time storms arrive in Mid-Missouri.

Marginal Threat for Severe Weather Thursday & Friday

Threat for strong storms Thursday, Friday, and Sunday

There is a Marginal Threat for severe weather on Thursday and Friday. Read about the threats and when storms are likely to move in.

Heat Advisory Wednesday

Heat Advisory issued for Wednesday as heat indices reach 100-106.

Marginal Risk Tuesday

Marginal Risk Tuesday

There is a Marginal (low risk) for severe thunderstorms today. Read about what time storms could be severe in Mid-Missouri and where.

Storms bring strong wind Monday evening

A line of storms brought strong wind and heavy rain to parts of Mid-Missouri Monday evening

Severe Thunderstorms Possible Monday Evening

Severe Risk Monday

There is an increasing risk for severe thunderstorms by evening in parts of Mid-Missouri. Read about which areas have the greatest chance.

Summer weather pattern for the weekend

Hot, dry weather continues through the weekend

The importance of keeping plants safe in the heat

Caring Gardens Greenhouse Manager Tammy Cundiff says ideally in this heat you want to make sure you water them at least once a day in the morning hours to prevent heat stress.  She says to stay away from watering them in the evening hours.

Moon Mars and Saturn Tonight

Moon Mars and Saturn

Tonight skies will be clear to view Saturn and Mars close to the the Waxing Gibbous moon.

Keeping pets safe in summer heat

Dog walks to daycare


Much like their human counterparts, pets need special attention during hot days as well.

Marginal Threat for Storms

Marginal Threat for Storms Today

There is a low risk for strong to severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, mainly after 2PM. Read about the threats and which areas in Mid-Missouri could see these storms.

High UV index causes unprotected skin dangers


Lykaestria, English language Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons

The UV index through the weekend is expected to eclipse at 10, with sunburns likely if not protected.

Hot, humid weather continues, little relief in sight

Higher humidity leads to dangerous heat indices Wednesday & Thursday.

Risk for Severe Weather Tuesday Night

Severe Threat Tuesday Night

Missouri is under a risk for severe weather on Tuesday night, with parts of Mid-Missouri under a slight risk.

Hot, humid weekend, spot storm chance

It will feel like mid-summer as the heat and humidity climb this weekend.

7 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.

Weather Video

Weather Interactives

Anatomy of a tornado

Tornado file

Find out all that you need to know about tornadoes.


Find out all you need to know about lightning.


Storm clouds

Find out all that you need to know about hail.


Winter storm

Find out all that you need to know about winter.


Find out all that you need to know about flooding.